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FastFingerprints – Ohio Fingerprinting Solutions

FastFingerprints provides electronic fingerprinting and related employee background check services for all Ohio professions. Our fingerprinting techniques are completely hassle free, featuring electronic print capturing devices. That means no ink and no mess for a fast and easy process.

Scheduling our employee fingerprinting services is easy too:

Find a Service Location

In an effort to better service our customers, we offer several convenient location around Ohio.

Schedule a Time

Once you have found a location that is convenient for you and your employees, FastFingerprints makes it easy to schedule a fingerprinting appointment for your staff and future hires. Click the link below to make arrangements today. 

Or We Can Come to You

Unable to find a location that is convenient for you or your employees? We understand that some employees have medical conditions preventing travel. This is why our mobile fingerprinting unit will come to you. Click the link below to learn more.

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