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Become a FastFingerprints Independent Service Provider (ISP), and the fingerprinting equipment is loaned to you. ISPs reside in already existing businesses, and become a secondary revenue stream for the Independent Service Provider (ISP).

Must Haves
  • Already existing business located in a strip mall, mall, business complex, or downtown setting
  • Adequate setup within your business to receive customers, and adequate space for a laptop and scanner
  • Willing to process more than 50 transactions per month
  • Willing to agree to an initial site inspection. **The site must be approved before we can proceed
  • Willing to accept walk-ins and be open 8a – 5pm or 9a – 6p M-F,
    and a couple hours on Saturday (if possible)
  • Have ample parking available
  • Willing to display FastFingerprints marketing collateral
  • Willing to process OH, FL and FBI Channeling Fingerprint Capture transactions
All customer support is provided out of the FastFingerprints corporate office (calls are not routed to the ISP).
Download our Independent Service Provider application and fax (614.457.8930) or email it to contactus@fastfingerprints.com to the attention of “FastFingerprints Partnership”.
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